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RP Roundup - Tabula Rasa
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Feb. 15th, 2007 09:30 pm
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I am being really annoyed (and I mean really really annoyed) by something petty and stupid and silly.

And even though I know it is stupid and petty and silly I am still annoyed.

So I am going to tag and work on my stupid job application form and my app for a new pup and not worry about it. (In theory.)

Also there is a person that bugs me and for a while I thought they disliked me and now I am not sure and now everytime they are nice to me it makes me suspicious (ie. why are you pretending to like me) and then I dislike them more.

Dear person,
Please go back to ignoring me now I am annoyed and confused!
No love

I am clearly not playing with a full deck of cards, I think. *worries*
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On my new laptop I have the Sims 2. All the families I've been making are based on TR (they only loosely look like them I suck at making the faces but still.)

Also I suck at using the camera it's different from the original sims but I'm having fun."

Behind the cut is so much dorkiness, seriously. )
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So I decided I would go back and do recaps for Sansa on TR in between playing the sims (and then my other pups er maybe.) I've spent most of today on it and I'm only up to May, but that's mainly because I keep stopping to read stuff and omg bodyswitch was such crack! What time I have not been spending on the computer I've been spending reading the Alex Rider book. I bought Stormbreaker when the film came out (though I haven't seen it, that was just when I heard of them.) Then I got money off my parents for anniversary so I bought the next three (3 for 2 in Waterstones yay!) I'm totally going to buy the next two next time I go along to the Metro Centre (sometime tomorrow) because if they are still on I get have all thats out and something else. Also I think the new Artermis Fowl is in the 3 for 2. *shifty*

Also the BSG webisode will not work for me. Presumably because I am in Britain. *sulks*


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