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I have convinced my mostly anti scifi/fantasy reading group to read Temeraire by Naomi Novik. (I got the historical fiction fans onside with the argument it's a regency book. But with Dragons.)

I am so pleased with myself yet scared they won't like it. I love this book too much to be at all objective. Argh. Oh well now I have an excuse to reread. :)
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So I missed swimming today because I slept in and did not have time to go before I had to be at Lush in the Metrocentre at 11. (Yes I did have a set time to be a Lush XD) They had asked for volunteers on the local facebook page because they were launching their new perfume Tuca Tuca today (it's been available for a little while but the launch was today.) And I had said I would go - of course I said this before I knew what was wanted. The perfume is named after a dance. They wanted people to do the dance - I went along and learned the dance but due to the uneven number of people willing to dance I just ended up being a perfume spritzer. I was apparently the only person who committed on Facebook who actually turned up. (Speaks volumes about Facebook really.) There were not a lot of dancers which does not mean Gateshead has much change of winning the youtube hit contest unfortunately.

But it was fun and after I went for coffee with another regular customer who had come along to spritz. We each got a goody bag for volunteering. I was not expecting this and it was a nice surprise. Especially when I saw what was in it. It was about £50 worth of stuff! (Though this is in large part because Creme Anglaise is their priciest body and hand cream, so I never would have tried it if not for having a large tub of it for free.) And I have a small bottle of the perfume because that was in too - I like the perfume though I am not really a perfumey person. (I do not like the dance though the song is growing on me).

All in all a good day! And back to swimming tomorrow.


Feb. 15th, 2007 09:30 pm
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I am being really annoyed (and I mean really really annoyed) by something petty and stupid and silly.

And even though I know it is stupid and petty and silly I am still annoyed.

So I am going to tag and work on my stupid job application form and my app for a new pup and not worry about it. (In theory.)

Also there is a person that bugs me and for a while I thought they disliked me and now I am not sure and now everytime they are nice to me it makes me suspicious (ie. why are you pretending to like me) and then I dislike them more.

Dear person,
Please go back to ignoring me now I am annoyed and confused!
No love

I am clearly not playing with a full deck of cards, I think. *worries*


Jan. 29th, 2007 11:52 pm
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Awhile ago I posted that I couldn't get the knitting partwork I wanted, or I think I did, I meant to anyway. Well I ordered it online and got two free issues and a needle case. I paid like a 99 pence for the lot. *\o/* Then I cancelled it because partworks are a ripoff.

Anyway I wanted this because I want to make stuff and I like crafty thinsgs. Also my gran taught me to knit when I was little (I'm using this very loosely here,) and she can't knit very much ever since she broke her hand and I kind of had the idea I would like to be able to knit properly. However I'm very fickle, so I wanted to buy this part work so I could have a go and see if i actually was interested or if it was another passing whim. (I have them a lot.)

So I bought the partwork and actually initially was just annoyed by casting on, why was it so hard and then I remembered my gran always used to cast on everything for me :p which would explain why this was hard, I hadn't actually done that before, so I watched the stupid instructional dvd and all was explained and then I decided to watch the rest just in case. I only ever did knit stitch as a kid and this weekend I did a sqare of practise garter stitch and unravelled and did then all purl and then unravelled and then a square of stocking stitch. (They don't give you a lot of practise wool!) Then I made the square of the quilt that came with part one of the partwork (though I haven't sewn the heart on yet because I didn't have a wool needle.) And I'm about to start the second square even though I have no intention of making the quilt because I've cancelled the partwork.

We went to hobbycraft today and I came home with more wool, including this cool rag stuff that might look weird when knitted but I couldn't resist buying, a new pair of needles, a crochet hook(apparently I need this to repair dropped stiches?), some pins, a row counter and a wool needle so I can finish my first square. I have no ide what I'm going to do with the new wool, but eeee I'm glad I have it. (Probably a scarf *is obvious novice knitter*) I am going to do the second square because the other one was very simple and this has like a ladder pattern which I think will be cool and also a challenge for beginner me. I also want to have a go at moss stitch before I try making anything.

In other news I'm really annoyed by something I have no right to be annoyed about and telling myself that does not help. *cryptic*

I want a knitting icon.

eta if the knitting comms are any indication, when I say wool I mean yarn, I don't know if this is a novice thing or a british thing but if you knit with it it's wool regardless of what it's made of. ETA This is probably just me, the partwork calls it yarn.


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