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Aha a livejournal post at last. I have attempted at least two which livejournal has eaten:-( so this was typed in word first, eventually I will learn.)

So tons of stuff has happened since I last posted, I’ve moved into a house I own, I’ve been promoted at work, (or rather I have applied for, been interviewed for and eventually been granted a supervisors job, on a temporary basis) but still the money will come in handy for as long as it lasts. I started back at Uni last week, amidst tons of overtime that I have been doing since the European Health Insurance Card project finally got into full swing, which I am going to spend on furniture for the new house, something I’m quite enthusiastic about, which is worrying really and makes me feel grown up.

So I had a hectic weekend this weekend I worked 8-4 on Saturday on top of a 60 hour week which meant my plans for Saturday were wiped out and I vegged on the sofa watching X Factor and something with Ant and Dec, and attempting to write some more of a one of the short stories I’m working on. I think I wrote about 50 words. All rubbish, but then both stories are, one is when reading back awful and cliché and more romance novel than fantasy with politics and the other well it’s lets just say it’s even worse, say for example have you ever had a favourite character in a book and it doesn’t go well for them, would you write a short story where they have a happy ending? No, well then you aren’t as insane as I am.

After my hectic Saturday I had nearly as busy a day on Sunday, I got went to the Metrocentre, and then to The Unions Rooms Moot, and then for a meal and then met Kate and her new girlfriend Nadine in town,

The Metrocentre was not too busy and I saw Trudi at work I bought three things because otherwise I can’t have discount, so we got a gift set for David’s mum , and I got a new lipstick and a new hairbrush, mine is starting to fall apart because my hair is a challenge for any brush, the new one promises to tame thick hair, so we will see and also shock horror I got a lipstick, it’s nice a kind of brown barely there colour I will use for a about two weeks and loose it but there you go.

The Unions Rooms Moot,is under the cut )

The Moot went on a bit longer it nomally does so I didn’t think David and I would have time to go home and back so we went for a chinese and he went home and I went to meet Kate and Nadine, it’s been ages since I saw or spoke to Kate so it was nice to see her again, she’s moved jobs again, and is only up for a week before back to Brighton, Nadine seems really nice although we didn’t get much of a chance to talk as we went “the end” which used to be rockies because they had been there the night before as it had been quiet, and it was when we got there but apparently Sunday night they have a singer on, the woman did have a good voice but it was a bit weird she was singing typical club singer stuff, Diana Ross, Leann Rimes, Celine Dion with the odd show tune thrown in, not the kind of thing Kate likes at all but when she suggested leaving Nadine and I both wanted to stay as we were enjoying it but it would have been nice to be able to talk a bit more, I had to leave before they did what with work and everything so I left just after 11, instead of walking back up to the centre for life and up to central to get the bus I decided it would be quicker just to go over the red heugh bridge to the bus stop there, only over the bridge is my thought here, however the red heugh is a really long bridge and 2 out of the last 3 buses I can get go past while I’m walking over, but I get to the other side 5 minutes before the last one is due, so I’m standing waiting the bus is on time and I stick out my hand and the driver looks and drives straight past, mainly because the git had already got himself in the lane he wants to be for the upcoming roundabout and doesn’t want to cross back even though there is no traffic at all. So I contemplate walking back into town for a taxi, I contemplate walking the rest of the way home as I’m not that far away from home (not for very long) and in the end I ring David and get him to pick me up at the shell garage. Bloody useless buses.


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