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I have convinced my mostly anti scifi/fantasy reading group to read Temeraire by Naomi Novik. (I got the historical fiction fans onside with the argument it's a regency book. But with Dragons.)

I am so pleased with myself yet scared they won't like it. I love this book too much to be at all objective. Argh. Oh well now I have an excuse to reread. :)
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So I decided I would go back and do recaps for Sansa on TR in between playing the sims (and then my other pups er maybe.) I've spent most of today on it and I'm only up to May, but that's mainly because I keep stopping to read stuff and omg bodyswitch was such crack! What time I have not been spending on the computer I've been spending reading the Alex Rider book. I bought Stormbreaker when the film came out (though I haven't seen it, that was just when I heard of them.) Then I got money off my parents for anniversary so I bought the next three (3 for 2 in Waterstones yay!) I'm totally going to buy the next two next time I go along to the Metro Centre (sometime tomorrow) because if they are still on I get have all thats out and something else. Also I think the new Artermis Fowl is in the 3 for 2. *shifty*

Also the BSG webisode will not work for me. Presumably because I am in Britain. *sulks*


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