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I am a Pagan OU student from the North East of England. I live with my husband and two cats.

I am interested in organic cooking and sustainable living, recycling and environmental friendly alternatives to everything.

I also like sci fi and fantasy tv shows and books. I watch too much tv. I attend two book clubs and regularly look for online ones but rarely contribute.
I work in Routine Analysis for the NHS.

I spend my free time knitting, reading, and studying part time for my degree.

I am a huge huge dork. I don't post much and when I do I whine a lot and friends lock things randomly.

Interests (80):

air, alternative everything, angst, archaeology, aromatherapy, asoiaf, beltane, bwar crach, castlerigg, celtic, celtic reconstructists, celtic recontructionism, chakras, chanting, classical studies, cooking, coven, craftiness, crystals, earth, fanfiction, fantasy, fire, gaelic, goddess, gwynfydd, health, herbalism, herbs, hippy gothic clothing, i-walk-the-path-of-the-moon-and-sun, imbolc, knitting, lammas, land, latin, litha, long meg, lugh, lughnasas, magic, magick, making stuff, maponus, meditation, mindless entertainment, moon, moonrise, nantosuelta, no!thinky stuff, norribeth, oakleaf pagan celebration, organic, pagan, paganism, pendle witch camp, permaculture, pirates, qi, river cottage, samhain, sci-fi, sea, shiny, sky, spirit, stone circles, sucellus, summerfell, sunkenkirk, sustainable living, tarot, the old gods, the three realms, the world tree, trance, water, wicca, wicker men, witchcraft
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