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In the aid of spending less time messing around on the internet, (haha yeah right I know) I just did a massive flist cut. No-one is really missing out because I hardly ever post or interact with anyone on lj. But if anyone wants to be refriended just comment and I will.

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i really like that icon (didn't look to see if i was cut or not)

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The icon is my favourite and drives me mad because I didn't note who made it because they said credit wasn't required. And now I don't know where I got it to look for more. But feel free to swipe it if you like it.

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thanks yeah i've made that mistake more than once
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Aww I'd like to be refriended if you like. I know we've lost touch because of work and various things but I <3 you.

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<3 Ok! I have tentative plans to post more but I think that a lot then don't. :)
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Aww man, I know how it is. I think it should be a new years resolution of mine to be better about commenting/posting.

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Requesting to be refriended please.

I'm sorry I don't comment more. It's a bad habit I'm trying to work on *grins*.

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No worries I hardly ever comment either XD

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