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Pup: Sansa Stark
On island since: February 2006
Current plans: Sansa has just been back to Westeros which she hated except for Caspian killing Joffrey – the third time she’s seen him die and it’s still never enough. She also told Caspian she was pregnant when there and now that home plot is over she’s a bit more squee about that. I think she will be planning on keep it to herself and Caspian til she is three months – just because it took her so long to get pregnant. I don't see her lasting though even though it's only a month - she's already told Susan because they are BFF. She will be helping Susan out as much as possible while Jon is in the clinic/recovering. Eddara and Rickon will be squabbling a lot:) She’ll also be losing another family member tomorrow and I don’t think I can send her near the crypts – Sansa doesn’t like them even in canon (she’s such a bad Stark really.) And she’s well aware it’s in a good part her fault her father is in the crypts – it was one thing when he was here but now he’s gone she can’t deal. Besides Sansa and Caves so don't go. She is so :( about them I'm almost glad about them being in the caves because I couldn't think think of a reason for her to go near the caves even to tag Lyanna's last post.
Likelihood of drop: Never ever.
Next item: I wanted to give her a bit of Winterfell in a section of the glass gardens so she would hate Westeros a bit less right now but it was turned down. I might just have her go on feeling that way and decide to raise her kids as Narnian only because boo to Westeros. (She would probably have decided this at least religion wise already is Aslan was not a big old lion because he seems to actually do something unlike the gods of Westeros.) I have a couple of other ideas in mind but they are all negative impact items that will make her hate Westeros more and at least one of them might work better after I canon puncture her which is coming but is a while off. One thing she will be getting (but not for some time she has a couple of items due now) is the hair dye that Lysa and Littlefinger made her use – there are dark haired pictures of Rachel Hurd-Wood and I'm going to have her wake up with her hair dyed brunette. I am torn between doing this when she is heavily pregnant and can’t spend all her time hair washing to try and rinse it out or when the new baby is born because I thinking the baby will have Caspian’s hair and then if Sansa is suddenly dark haired it could be good plot with Eddara suddenly feeling left out.
NDPD: I wanted to give her a washing machine given the electricity and running water but that is probably not allowed under the new rules. But Something nice for the house. Eddara I think will get a nice paddling pool she can share with her cousins. (Reluctantly of course)
Needs to thread with: Susan, Dr Keller, Caspian, other family members,
other pups with kids/pregnant women.
Random fact: I am way more excited about the icon possibilities from Dorian Gray than I should be. I'm such a dork.

Pup: Elizabeth Norrington
On island since: July 2007
Current plans: Two times home plot has not made Elizabeth any more pleased with the prospect of motherhood, (despite Jeyne's sensible advice) she does not have long to go now but given that Nina is currently travelling and Elizabeth is due right when we are at the Jane Austen festival - she is likely going to be soo late. She's going to have a terrible labour and post partum depression and not really bond with the baby at all. She might once she tries to get involved with the baby (instead of doing the bare minimum and resenting the world) go to Jeyne Stark for advice - she told Jeyne how to be a pirate - Jeyne can help her with this being a mother business.
Likelihood of drop: Very low.
Next item: The pirate codex. Probably when she is really struggling with the baby - as a sort of island slap in the face. See ha you pirate, you're not cut out for motherhood.
NDPD: Not a clue.
Needs to thread with: Anyone willing to put up with her really, James, Johanna, Dr Keller, Jeyne.

Pup: Ronon Dex
On island since: December 2008
Current plans: Ronon will be EPd watching Star Wars while babysitting the Turner twins this week. He has the ITF and Jennifer and he worries about Vala who should be giving birth soon - I'm not sure how much he'll get out of Vala in their current thread but he's concerned either way. He and Jennifer are taking things really slow but they have a couple of relationship developments to come that I'm excited about - they've kind of been on a back burner because of homeplot. I also need to have him meet new people but because he mostly just glares and glowers if he doesn't know you or need you - this is sort of tricky.
Likelihood of drop: Now that I've decided over Robin, Ronon is technically the most in danger but he's not going anywhere just yet.
Next item: Ronon might never get an item because the only thing I can think of for him would likely get turned down anyway. *paranoid *He might get his sword - he'd be pleased to have it but it's not that impactful
NDPD: A lightsabre.
Needs to thread with: People willing to spar with him, New Atlanteans, People who don't talk a lot. Jennifer, Rodney, Vala, Robbie and Daniel. ITF People

Robin of Locksley - is going home :( Not sure on the details yet. I'll be finishing out his homeplot and he'll either go then or wake up on island for a couple of goodbye threads.

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