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I think I am getting a migraine so I should go to bed but my leaked stargate thingy has downloaded and I want to watch. *debates being not sensible *

RP peeps I tagged everything I owe but will not be around to tag. Hopefully back to vaguely normal tomoroow.
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I am going to tag Delia, btw! I got home kind of braindead last night and did not end up doing anything that required any kind of thought. :)

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yay! I am going to be sensible and go to bed I think - but I will tag you back tomorrow
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I am not sure who to tag WITH yet, anyway. *g* So that works for me!
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feel better sweetie. <333333333333

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Err, hi! Would it be okay if I friended (you're welcome to friend back if you feel like it).

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Sure! go right ahead I'll friend back

I should warn though apart from rp ramblings I'm on a tiny bit of hiatus from asoiaf (I assume that's what we have in common seeing as I saw you over at redcandle17's journal. So there is not much of that in here at the moment. XD