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RP Roundup - Tabula Rasa


I'm not actually sure what will happen with TR Sansa, her voice isn't going anywhere but she is going to have so much fall out from Joff plot that I think people might get tired of threading with her. I don't really know what to do about that the thought of dropping her depresses me. I've loved doing Joff plot though and having her be the one to kill him and finally get some closure and I am really looking forward to the whole outcome/legal side of it. There is a definite danger in her becoming closed off because even after Joff plot she is hiding stuff from people she's close to and not really wanting to meet new people. The stuff with Caspian that happened before Joff is also going to be playing on her mind because Sansa expected him to make a decision one way or another re the island or Narnia and if he chose the island she expected him to ask him to marry her. When he doesn't she's going to feel pretty much inadequate and I think be waiting for things with him to end. (Because of her canon there is not so much a relationship gap between being in love and being engaged married - in fact sometimes it goes the other way round.) Family wise and this is totally unexpected from her, there is going to be a bit of resentment because even though she never told them anything that was going on (and there was no way ic or ooc to work it) Sansa has like a societal expectation that the men in the family protect you. She lost this a bit at home in canon and then got it back again and now has lost it again. Sansa's reaction to killing Joff is less "I deserved to be the one that got to do that," (though that's my reaction) and more "That was totally not my job."

I have zero idea what either Sansa or Eddara are getting for present day


I worry Alex removed from canon is far too generic teenager, I've been meaning to give him his item forever and haven't and the problem with him remains that although I pretty much always can play him, I rarely feel like I must post him, I must tag him into that. Alex is always there but he's never ever loud. I want to have him do some actual genuine grieving for the parents he never knew and now think he is getting his item on the anniversary of their death's or his birthday depending on how mean I am. Technically he could get an item on both of those dates because of how long he's been on island. I think he's going to be considering what he wants to do with his life on island. I might even sign him up for kitchen crew though he's young, just to get him out more.

I think Alex is going to get a large supply of junk food for Xmas.


Is probably just going to keep on grieving and being anti social and I am stuck for what to do with her because nothing I come up with is as good as what I wanted to do with her. For her item she is getting the pirate codex which she'll actually be happy about and I think in future is going to realise how attached she's got to James and be a bit disturbed by it. The bookshelf is going to give her some future news from canon (I do not want to canon puncture because if she realises Will survived she's pretty much unplayable.) but there were newspapers then and she might be a bit happier after she reads about the sinking of the endeavour.

For present day Elizabeth is getting a boat if the mods approve and if no I don't know what. I should email about that now actually.


Robin wants to talk to everyone and I need to get on that, my one concern with Robin is how OTT is he is about Marian, it would be v easy for him to become stalker like and unpleasant and I don't want that. I also really underestimated him getting over her, I did think her finding someone on her own would make it different to the whole Gisbourne situation. But not so much. I think soon he might up the flirting with other women (which is totally ok because Marian has someone else.) and he'll start putting his plan into action re Silence.

For present day, I'm not sure, some form of alcohol or a horse or another weapon. (he needs more clearly)
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Sarah Jane insists that Robin should have no problem, seeing as he's Robin Hood and I love him dearly and wish I had the time to bring Will in

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Robin would love to flirt with Sarah Jane again, especially without me going away in the middle of it and forgetting that thread when I got back. (Alternatively you can have a very late tag back on that thread, it's been a bad month.)

Robin is quite sure you have time and he wants his gang back please XD
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Well, eventually, Sarah Jane will need someone to teach her how to swim, and I think I'm bumping Addison to my non-EP so she makes more friends.

Really, I know my queue is changing a bit, but Sally Harper gets first go because I've been waiting for her two years. Then we'll see about Will

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Robin is and an excellent swimmer and can totally teach girls stuff I imagine he's going to be fond of bathing suits also
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Oh GOD. Well, Sarah's a bit flatter than Marian :-p, so really, she can introduce him to the topic of less-clothes-is-sometimes-acceptable.

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Also OMG Sally yay, that makes me want to app Susan now.
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I seriously reserved her username in 2005, according to the stats. I know Coupling like the back of my hand, so really, it's just time to do it.

And if you do app Susan, I'm locking Chase up.

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Ahahaha so unfair, and him the only Australian on island (he is right?)
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He is the SOLE Australian on the Island.

Actually, that would be HILARIOUS to thread out.

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I really want to do a thread with Ned and Robin, when you've got a minute, since they're partners on the NPD now?


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We can totally do that! I'll ping you now, just to check some stuff.

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Sansa is always welcome to come down to the dojo and learn something, and Yuffie thinks she should. Maybe she'll offer Self Defense for Ladies. XD

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I can see her actually making it to the dojo . . . learning something not so much.
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[identity profile] 2007-12-29 07:14 pm (UTC)(link)
...plan into action? O_O

We do really need to thread them. :)

And Robb would LOVE to be the one to kill Joffrey. He thinks it highly unfair that the muntypes have said he can't. If he had the faintest idea what was actually going on between them, he would have done it by now, and damn the consquences.
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If he had the faintest idea what was actually going on between them, he would have done it by now, and damn the consquences.

Yeah, Ned and Caspian are in total agreement on that. I don't know how any of it could have been prevented other than locking Sansa up in Summerfell, which wouldn't have worked anyway.
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Well, that was the rules. They said they wouldn't kill him as long as he didn't do anything that made him need killing. More than usual. :P

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which is why her reaction is completely unfair but there it is.
ext_14294: A redhead an a couple of cats. (huh.)

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Oh, it's totally IC. Just sayin'. ;)
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and I think be waiting for things with him to end.

Er, wanting things with him to end, or thinking he's going to end them?

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thinking he's going to end them.