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Meme even though no-one will likely ask questions due to Xmas. Answers after the holiday, or via shiny internet phone!

Gather all your RP journals, list the characters and any AU versions you RP. Open the post to the public so even lurkers can ask the muses questions. Respond with that RP account.

Sansa Stark [ profile] lifeisnotasong
Alex Rider [ profile] schoolboyspy
Elizabeth Turner [ profile] piratekingswann
Robin of Locksley [ profile] outlawrobin

Past TR
Imriel no Montreve de la Courcel [ profile] scionoftheblood
Connor Angel[ profile] connordestroyer

Sansa Storm [ profile] lifeisnotasong
Delia Brown [ profile] rocket_brown

AU Elizabeth's
Elizabeth Swann in Tortuga [ profile] piratekingswann Au from partway through DMC
Elizabeth Swann in Port Royal [ profile] piratekingswann Au from end of CotBP
Modern Day AU Elizabeth Swann [ profile] isinfactawoman

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Oooh. Looks like fun. What kind of questions can I ask?

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Anything you like! From what I've seen when I got the meme you are asking the characters so you would be asking my version of Sansa why she did _____ instead of why I had her do that but if you want to ask me that's cool too XD

For the next hour I'll be answering but after that family stuff but I will answer on Boxing Day if asked after that!

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Okay. Of all the modern things Sansa has encountered on the island, which does she like most? And what does she think of modern fashion?

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I like the bathing rooms at the compound the most, I have no idea how it works, it's not like the hot springs because the water doesn't smell funny but I can have a bath whenever I like even though there are no servants.

I like some of the modern fashion, there are lots of things that are pretty but I won't ever like that people can't tell what goes together or that some perfectly lovely things are ruined by only being partly there.

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This is not the purpose of this post, but maybe it's a reminder to myself since it's 6am and my brain is swiss cheese.

I need to tag Jill into Robin. XD

Which, for once, isn't about Tim Drake.

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my brain is also swiss cheese. If you would like an archery related thread I can stick something up or that post is open still for Late late tags <3