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OMG Ahahah so cheestastic Dr Who I love you.


Ok Cheesiness aside that kind of rocked!

Really RTD! Thinking? Whatever.

I'm so pissed about Martha.

ETA She'd better ring him when she's over her so he can pick her back up!!!

OMG Female timelord have rings not pocket watches win. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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There's a female timelord?! I wondered who picked the ring up, and why it was on the Master's funeral pyre!

I know what you mean about Martha, they just make her character strong and now she's staying behind. Then again, that other doctor bloke would turn my head too. ;)

Thought the Face of Bo bit was brill - so much for his vanity! Lol.

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That's an assumption based on speculation (on the interwebs I forget where) that Lucy Saxon was also a timelord in a chameleon disguise thing and that's why the master was bothering with her. And then people wondered if a female timelord would have something other than a pocket watch as it would be less inconspicous for a woman. I'm not sure about her after tonight (though still possible given that she wouldn't know she was a timelord.) I'm assuming the master somehow nicked it and that they aren't destroyable by fire. (I might be thinking about this too much.)

Jack being the Face of Bo is unbelievably brilliant and it seems he does die eventually. (Head in a jar!) um wasn't there a scene in one of the satelite five episode (back with nine I think) that reference the face of bo's pregnancy! Ahahaha.

I don't blame her either but man she was excellent I want her to come back.