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snowbryneich ([personal profile] snowbryneich) wrote2007-06-05 01:45 am

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Ahahah omg

I am chatting with Shah from TR (who's lj I don't know) and we are talking about you tube and POTC.

Then I mentioned my current you tube obsession is to put in a fandom and see if I can find a fanvid set to a song from wicked the musical. (You almost always can.)

And of course there is a vid to dancing through life, according to the summary Norrington is Elphaba (ehehehe)

Shah : "This hat and yoooou!"
Me: asfghjj heeeeeee
Me: I want an Norrington icon of him in full uniform that says "This hat and yoooou!"
Shah: YES. XD
Shah: "You're both so!

Icon makers? Pleeeeeeease!

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