Jul. 3rd, 2010

snowbryneich: (I love Lush!)
So I missed swimming today because I slept in and did not have time to go before I had to be at Lush in the Metrocentre at 11. (Yes I did have a set time to be a Lush XD) They had asked for volunteers on the local facebook page because they were launching their new perfume Tuca Tuca today (it's been available for a little while but the launch was today.) And I had said I would go - of course I said this before I knew what was wanted. The perfume is named after a dance. They wanted people to do the dance - I went along and learned the dance but due to the uneven number of people willing to dance I just ended up being a perfume spritzer. I was apparently the only person who committed on Facebook who actually turned up. (Speaks volumes about Facebook really.) There were not a lot of dancers which does not mean Gateshead has much change of winning the youtube hit contest unfortunately.

But it was fun and after I went for coffee with another regular customer who had come along to spritz. We each got a goody bag for volunteering. I was not expecting this and it was a nice surprise. Especially when I saw what was in it. It was about £50 worth of stuff! (Though this is in large part because Creme Anglaise is their priciest body and hand cream, so I never would have tried it if not for having a large tub of it for free.) And I have a small bottle of the perfume because that was in too - I like the perfume though I am not really a perfumey person. (I do not like the dance though the song is growing on me).

All in all a good day! And back to swimming tomorrow.


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